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Korean War Veterans Memorial - image A

Korean War Veterans Memorial - image A

Remedy for hot days.

It’s getting too hot for stockings.

First pair of shoes to start the rest of my life …

Day 30

First pair of socks finished during 2011 baseball season.  I’m going to knit very basic patterns as I need socks quickly - I’m running out.  At least I can knit very basic sock patterns using very cool yarn.

Start Date:  Approximately 04012011

End Date:  04162011

7 stitches/inch, size 3 needles, 64 cast on stitches

20 rows 2k2p for cuff

100 rows stockinette for leg

gusset decrease for 20 rows

40 rows foot

Frog Tree Pediboo sock yarn, collor 1150

Day 29

My last knitted scarf is blocked!  This was sock yarn, but I was bored with the pattern.  I decided to knit the yarn into a scarf for my twin.